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These juniors\’ soccer pants are designed with a small club crest on the leg. They\’re made of thick French terry that\’s soft to the touch. Details include front pockets and Arsenal-printed drawcords.

  • Regular fit strikes a comfortable balance between loose and snug
  • 70% cotton / 30% recycled polyester French terry
  • We partner with the Better Cotton Initiative to improve cotton farming globally; These pants are made with recycled polyester to save resources and decrease emissions
  • Side seam pockets; Drawcord on elastic waist; Club name on drawcord
  • Ribbed cuffs; Arsenal woven crest
  • Imported
  • Product color: Collegiate Navy / Scarlet
  • Product code: EH5619
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cheap jerseys And aunt, aunt, uncle, cousin. So if I need medical advice, it not as if I suffering. And I do own a gym, eat well, sleep well, and keep myself healthy. If you like museums, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston is free on Thursdays. The Contemporary Arts Museum, though small, is always free and pretty cool to spend maybe 30 minutes in. The Natural Science Museum is cool, a bit pricey but some cool stuff cheap jerseys.

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